Bells and Whistles

Module 6


Welcome to Module 6, our last week together! Last week we focused on time management. We all benefited by some of the pointers in the section on time management. I hope those ideas were helpful to you so that teaching online doesn't take over your lives. In addition to reviewing the instructional content and participating in the discussions, you also have been integrating strategies in your own online courses that you are now or will be soon teaching.

In this module we will explore cool technology that we can use such as YouTube videos, publishing software for narrating presentations, publisher provided content, just to name a few.

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Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this lesson you will be able to:

  1. Identify Quality Matters' standards in using educational technology
  2. Identify the times to use technology and when not to use them
  3. Find resources around the web on instructional technologies

The lesson is presented in four parts.

  • The first part is this brief introduction.
  • The second part, accessible from the table of contents or with the arrow above, includes reading material, video and web-based course materials.
  • The third part, also available from the table of contents, presents the activities associated with this lesson.
  • Finally, in the fourth part you will find the module summary.


Please begin by reviewing the Module 6 Checklist linked below. Use this as a guide to assist you in managing your time and completing all of the activities associated with the lesson by the end of the week. This document is also available from the “Checklists” link on the top navigation bar.

After reviewing the checklist, proceed to the Content of the lesson. Thanks!

Module 6 Checklist