News From First Grade

Fraction Pizzas

Students have been learning about fractions. In first grade, they are building understanding that fractions are equal parts and we're playing with halves and quarters all the time. We've practiced fractions using geoblocks, geoboards and this Friday, students made their own fraction pizza.

Writing Like Melanie Watt

As the year wraps up, students are trying lots of different kinds of writing! Melanie Watt, author of the Scaredy Squirrel series, is our mentor these days. We are noticing what she does and her decisions as a writer so that we can try these ideas in our own writing. Last week students partnered up and jotted their noticings about her writing on post its. They noticed soon much! We are diving deeper into thinking about her craft and trying it these last few weeks. Here is the Scaredy Squirrel web page if you want to explore it at home!

Field Day--Friday May 20th!

Just a reminder that this Friday is field day! First grade will be enjoying activities in the afternoon. We will be planting in the IRE garden in the morning. It should be a great day.

Thank you for sending all the lunch choice information so promptly. Remember to have your child dress for the weather.