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Marjie - Your karmic direction in life

We each have a pair of karmic nodes in our birth chart which show us an important area our soul wants us to develop in.

The North Node represents our soul's goal in this lifetime whereas the South Node represents what we should do less of - it's more about our past, early life or where we fall back to as a comfort zone.

Marjie, your karmic direction is Libra

(Marjie, on a quick look in your chart you might find this info is a bit extreme for you - you might have dammed up feelings about these things so they aren't seen so much by others)

This set up gives a tendency to rely on the self so much as to alienate important others in our lives, to be excessively competitive to the point of a me-first attitude, to take things personally, and to be impatient, rash, and impulsive at the expense of personal happiness are some of the issues this position suggests.

With this position, we need to work on sensitizing ourselves to the needs of others, to learn tact and cooperation, to put ourselves in another's shoes, and to let go of an overwhelming self-consciousness that is blocking our desire to win.

We are often afraid of the demands that a partner might put on us, and we don't naturally look for feedback, preferring to act on the moment—on our own hunches and impulses. But for however hard we push ourselves, our plans will be blocked until we stop to consider the other side.

Some tips on how to work it from The Nodes book by Michelle Falis -

  • Becoming focused on what other people want.
  • Putting concerns for yourself to the side as you focus on other people.
  • Letting go of the need to go it alone.
  • Actively looking to be in a relationship.
  • Realizing that your greatest growth comes through your significant relationships with other people.
  • Looking for ways to build partnerships.
  • Going into business with a partner, getting married and having a best friend.
  • Considering, and accepting, feedback from other people about your life direction.
  • Taking other people’s thoughts into consideration as you determine your path in life.
  • No longer feeling that getting your way is paramount.
  • Relaxing into social relationships.
  • No longer being a loner.
  • Learning to acknowledge when you are being self- centered, selfish or self-absorbed.
  • Understanding how your behavior affects your personal relationships.
  • Recognizing how a little kindness can go a long way.
  • Getting acquainted with the idea of “social lubrication.”
  • No longer running away when the word “commitment” comes up.
  • Creating committed relationships in your life.
  • Making long lasting relationships.
  • Being willing to give up your own needs to ensure that your relationships survive.
  • Releasing an attachment to “numero uno.”
  • Letting go of a “me first” attitude.
  • No longer having an approach to life that is competitive.
  • Letting go of the need to “one up” everyone.
  • Becoming a whole lot less grouchy.
  • Letting of overly aggressive and off – putting independent attitudes.
  • Realizing that you might actually need someone else in your life besides you.

Life purpose crystal trinity - based on your first name

Another useful overview of our direction in life is found in our life purpose crystals, which are based on our first name. They show us our key shadow energy, human level purpose and higher soul purpose (see for more info).

Your shadow crystal represents a key weakness that the ego uses to distract you from your life purpose and thus higher purpose. You can work to master it.

Your life purpose crystal is the goal you have chosen for your human level self - the reason you are here and what you may offer others.

Your higher purpose crystal is the goal of the higher soul. You master it more and more based on your ability to carry your human level purpose though your heart and spirituality. People will be attracted to you for your higher purpose crystal's energies.

You can take these as liquid crystal drops over 21 days to work with them more deeply. Having the physical stones around is good too, as is gazing at the symbols.