Archives War

The battle between president Sam Houston and Austin citizens

How It Started

Our president, Sam Houston, decided to move government documents from Austin to save them from invading Mexicans. The Mexicans have been raiding The Republic of Texas this year and Houston doesn't think it's safe to keep the archives where they are now, so he ordered them to be moved to a new location. Most people were content with this decision, but some, like Angelina Eberly, were not. They protested this move and said the archives were already in a very reliable place in Austin.

The Battle

Earlier this year, Angelina Eberly gathered protesters to rally against the moving of the archives. She gathered supplies and led citizens in firing at government officials as they transported the documents to nearby wagons. The location of the documents is very important to the town. The battle was short-lived, but very meaningful. It ended with the records being kept in Austin, where they are now. The archives are vulnerable there, but the citizens of the town are willing to take that chance. These archives are very important to the country and it would devastating if the Mexicans get them in their grasp. President Sam Houston, who ordered the archives to be moved, is not pleased with this choice. He will let it be for now to avoid unwanted conflict among the people of Texas. The issue seems to be put to rest for now; hopefully no further fights will happen over this decision.