Child-Hood Disinigrative Disorder

wiley martinez

10 facts of Child-Hood Disinigrative Disorder

  • developmental disorder that resembles autism
  • characterized by at least 2 years of normal development
  • before the age of 10 the following can develop:
  • loss of language
  • loss of social skills
  • loss of motor
  • Hellers syndrome, dementia infantile, and disintegrate psychosis, are just 3 other names for childhood disintegrate disorder
  • thomas heller, an austrian educator, was the first to describe (CDD) in 1908
  • the cause of (CDD) is unknowncomplex & afftects multiple parts of child development
  • normally found/diagnosed in children ages 3-4


I feel like this disorder is not common but very tragic to be diagnosed with... it takes away so much before you even get the chance to use it, an example is your ability to talk or the suffrage of your social skills. Although it is a struggle in a person’s everyday life I’m pretty sure you can’t die from this disorder which is always a positive. I picked the background with people, because that’s what we are, that’s what we all are, just people, no disorder can put a person with one in a different category. I feel people with any disorder is looked at differently, looked down upon, and its dumb.