Cook Chronicles

Weekly Updates for the week of February 8th

What's Happening This Week

Writer's Workshop:
We will be starting our Biography writing piece. The students will be generating a list of questions you would ask a person if you wanted to learn more about them. We will come up with a master list. The students will then interview a classmate for this writing piece.

Reader's Workshop:

The students are really enjoying their "Who was/is" books. We will continue to take notes on our person for our research report they will be completing. We will also be working on how to use context clues to determine the meaning of unknown words in a reading passage.

Math Workshop:

This weeks skills will include fractions of a set, location fractions on a number line, multiples, and equivalent fractions.

**Multiplication facts will be important to this unit, especially when we start talking about equivalent fractions, finding common denominators, and when simplifying fractions.


We will begin discussing "What is light?" and "How does Light Move?"



Reading: Read for 100 minutes and complete reading response activities.

Specials Classes this Week

Monday: Art

Tuesday: Music

Wednesday: PE

Thursday: Computer

Friday: Art

Library Check Out is on Tuesday!

Upcoming CRES Events

February 8-12th: Kindness Week

February 13th: Book Orders are due and Valentine Exchange
February 15th: President's Day - No school

February 16th: Flex Day - Weather permitting

March 18th: People Who Made a Difference Wax Museum

ISTEP and IREAD dates to be determined. I'll pass those dates along as soon as I know.

Scholastic Book Orders

Our class code is J2T64