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April Mix by Camino

“Since somehow, by some crazy circumstance, this is my first ever guest mix, I wanted to put together something special. This mix is both a celebration of my debut album "Freshman 15" (you'll hear about half the album here!), and a recreation of my live shows. It's actually the first time I've ever shared things like the live version of "Ariana Grande", or my Big Sean and Grady Tate edits, or "Uptown Lip Gloss" online. Before now, the only place to hear these tracks was at one of my shows!” - Camino

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Midnite Neighborhood Watch - Camino
Uptown Lip Gloss (Camino Blend) - Mark Ronson/Lil Mama
Criminally Cute - Camino
Strawberry Donut - Camino
Boston 2 London - Latrell James
Private Tumblr - Camino
Thoughts of She - Detroit Swindle
Paradise (Camino Edition) - Big Sean
Eyebrows on Fleek - Camino
Ariana Grande (live version) - Camino
From Russia With Phunk - Crisco Castelli
Bugatti (REDgreenBLUE's Stompy Bootleg) - Tiga
I Got Six (Camino Edit) - Grady Tate
Let Yourself Go - The Supremes

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