Schizophrenic genetic inheritance

By Kindal Nelson, Sophia Gonzalez , Eduardo Garcia


Dr. Eduardo Garcia - PHD from the university of Colorado, in the schizophrenic center at the department of psychiatry

Dr. kindal Nelson - PHD from Brown University in the school of genetic science.

Dr. Sophia Gonzalez - M.D from the University of Alabama , in human medical genetics in the school of medicine


What we are trying to do is to locate a schizophrenic linked gene .When an individual is diagnosed with schizophrenia, that individual is institutionalized, and receive medication that simply calms the individual. Schizophrenia can either be developed or passed down genetically. What we are trying to do by locating the gene is creating a stepping stone or perhaps a considerable path for further scientists who also find an interest in our research.

Goal and objectives

To locate the gene causing the inherited disorder.

1-raise awareness of schizophrenia

2- identify the gene

3- eliminate or alter the gene .


If we were to receive this grant, we would gladly begin our research on elimination or alteration of the found gene. If we were to begin performing elimination or alteration of the located genes we could possible decrease or even vanish the ratio of potential victims of schizophrenia