Pine Hollow Middle School

Pine Hollow News: March 19, 2021

Dear Parents,

We are getting so excited to welcome students back in person starting Monday, March 29th when we enter MDUSD's new Hybrid Learning Phase! Campus is ready, and teachers are eagerly preparing for students to return to campus, and to continue supporting our students who are sticking with 100% Distance Learning.

Please read all the information below carefully so that you better understand this Hybrid Learning Phase we are soon entering. We are also holding meetings next Thursday to review all of this in detail. Thank you and please reach out if you have any questions. Best,

Ben Campopiano
Pine Hollow Middle School

Special Schedule Next Week

Next week, all MDUSD secondary schools will have special transition days as follows:
  • Wednesday, March 24: Homestead Class Only (9:00am)
  • Thursday, March 25: Homestead Class Only (9:00am)
  • Friday, March 26: Homestead Class Only (9:00am)

The reason behind these special days is to allow teachers and staff time to prepare for the change to the Hybrid Learning Phase which begins on Monday, March 29th. All students will work independently and asynchronously after Homestead Class ends each of these days.

New Bell Schedule

Please click here to review the new bell schedule for the Hybrid Learning Phase beginning on Monday, March 29th. The new bell schedule allows for students to come onto campus for in-person learning support twice a week in the afternoons.

Family Compact for In-Person Learners (REQUIRED)

All parents who have chosen in-person learning for their children must complete the MDUSD Family Compact prior to March 29th. Click here to complete this online form right now - it's simple and short!

If you have changed your mind about returning to receive in-person support and would like to remain 100% Distance Learning, please let our office know ASAP. Once support groups are created it will be dependent on space availability to make changes.

Facility Reopening Plan

View our Facility Reopening Plan here. This is a slide deck with pictures and details about how the campus has been updated for reopening, and how we have updated our facility to ensure for the health and safety of all people on campus.

Pine Hollow Hybrid Learning Plan

When you have time, please review our plan at Pine Hollow for the Hybrid Learning Phase. This is a comprehensive plan that will take some time to comb through, but it covers most everything you would want to know about how the next phase of our school year will look.

Student Groups and Teacher Assignments

We know that all students who have chosen in-person learning are anxious to learn which group they will be placed in, and which teacher they will be assigned to. We are working non-stop to finalize these new rosters and assignments, so please know we will get this to you as soon as humanly possible. If you have a special request, you can submit it to

100% Distance Learners

Students who are continuing with 100% Distance Learning will be assigned to a teacher that will provide virtual learning support in the afternoons. Students sticking with Distance Learning will continue to have the same teachers and classes in the mornings that they've had all year.

If you have changed your mind about 100% Distance Learning and want your child to attend the in-person learning, please let our office know ASAP. Once support groups are created it will be dependent on space availability to make changes.

Hybrid Learning Phase and Course Request Meetings

On Thursday, March 25th we will be holding grade level meetings with all parents AND students to discuss the upcoming Hybrid Learning Phase, and the course request process for next year's classes. Please mark your calendar with the following details:




No School: April 2-9

Friendly reminder that there is NO SCHOOL in the Mt. Diablo Unified School District on Friday, April 2 (Cesar Chavez Day), and from April 5-9 (Spring Break).