by: TJ Lepisto


My class and I had to make ITrailer. It was fun because we did not have to do her theme that her said. We had time to do in class but it was still homework.
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Career Locker

We had to chose are dream job. It was fun because we saw things of are dream job that we never saw. We had to see are college that are hoping to go to, like how much it cost to go to college and how much the supples cost.

Haiku Deck

We had to do a project for are dream job. My class and I had to reash are dream job like how long it works in a week. I had to precent my dream job to the class.


My class and I had to do a project on coding. Coding is a website that we go on and do stages. We have to do all the stages all away to stage 9.

Explain Everything

Explain Everything is a app that you can teach people to do things. Are assignment is to do a math problem then there is a record botten that you can explain the problem. Then you go and submit to schoology.

Typing Web

My class and I have to do typing every moaning for 5 min. We have to do 1 lesson for 1 quter. Then if we finsh all of it you get to take a piture then go on the boaud called Tip Top Typists.