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Should Students Be Required To Use There School Email?

Should Students be required to use school emails?

Most school's recommend there students to make a new email to use just for school. And when most teens are in middle school they have there own emails they use at home. So if anyone is wondering why this is a recommendation, it is because if your at your own house and your logged into you own email that would be connected to the school. They would be able to see everything you go on thanks to a app all teachers have witch is Go Guardian witch let teachers see everything your doing just on there own computer and you wouldn't even know. Therefore if your logged into the email connected to the school and you look at something on line inappropriate, or if you were just wondering about something and looked it up then the teachers would also see it. For example if you were wondering how some type of drug affected you and you looked it up it would send notifications to the teacher and you'd probably get in trouble. Therefore that's why a school email is recommended