Silent Spring, the fight for nature

Sarah Whitley, Allyn Tyer, Jaycie Johnson

Chapter 5:

Chapter 5, the realms of soil, is about the relationship between soil and the organisms that live within it. It explains how essential the soil and organisms are to each other. The chapter also explains what happens to the soil and organisms when they are exposed to pesticides and chemicals. It talks about the chemicals ruining the soil because they are killing insects that are vital to the soil. The chapter explains that the continual use of pesticides is causing a build up of harmful residues in the soil, that will eventually cause trouble.

Use of Ethos and Logos

Rachel Carson incorporates ethos into the chapter by including a few paragraphs about Charles Darwin's book. She persuades the audience to believe her argument by convincing them of her credibility that she can use a scientist's book to support her claim. She incorporates logos into chapter five by discussing the data found in studies done by other scientists, about the impact of pesticides on soil. She supports her claim and persuades the audience to agree using facts as reasoning. She incorporates ethos by discussing the effects of pesticides on fruit and vegetables in baby foods. She creates emotion in parents by causing them to worry about what they are feeding their babies.

Silent Spring; Realms of Soil


"it is equally true that soil depends on life"

"life is not only formed in the soil, but other living things of incredible abundance and diversity exist within it; if this were not so the soil would be a dead and sterile thing."

"the plain truth is that this critically important subject of the ecology of the soil has been largely neglected even by scientists and almost completely ignored by control men."

The importance of these quotes that they demonstrate the relationship that the soil has with other life forms.