Cub Cadet

3rd and 4th Marking Period Edition

Principal's Corner

We asked Mr. Doi some questions here is what he said:

1. What three super powers would you love to have?

I would love to have speed, telepathy and strength. I think having those super powers would help me, help people in many different ways.

2. If you could live anywhere in the world where would you live? Why?

I would love to live back home in Hawaii. I would love to be with my family again.

3. What do you do when we have no school?

I spend time with my wife and my three children.

4. If you could be anyone for a day who would it be? Why?

I would like to be a MLB player because I love baseball and also because playing at that level would be very exiting.

5.What is your favorite professional sport? Why?

My favorite sports are baseball and golf. I like to watch the Master's, that is the best golf!

Meet the Rutherford Staff

Mrs. Lenovich

  1. If you could be anyone for a day, who would it be? Why? The people down in Disney who get to dress up

  2. What's your favorite sport? When I watch sports I like NFL, baseball, and swimming, but to play would be swimming

  3. Do you have any kids? What are there names? Yes! They are: Madison Reese, 5, Emily Harlow, 21 months

  4. What's your favorite thing about spring? Going outside, taking the girls to the park, and taking the dogs on a walk

  5. What's your favorite color? Pink and Green

Miss Zimmerman

  1. What is your favorite part of the year? My favorite part of the year is the beginning because I am excited to meet the students that will be in my classroom.

  2. What is your favorite sport to watch? I love watching college football!

  3. Where did you go to college? I went to HACC for 2 years and then Penn State.

  4. Why did you want to become a teacher? I wanted to teach because I love teaching and helping students.

  5. How is your class going this year? I have a wonderful group of students!

Mrs. Lyons

  1. What is your favorite part of summer vacation? Going on an ACTUAL vacation.

  2. What will you miss most about your students? They come to school with a positive attitude, ready to learn.

  3. Do you have any pets? No. My daughter had a hermit crab, but it died. Also, my whole family wants a dog except me. So, overall, we have no ALIVE pets.

  4. What is your favorite part of teaching? Seeing my students growth throughout the year.

  5. What are your pet peeves? Rude noises and bad manners.

Mrs. Gainer

1. What is your favorite part about teaching? Helping students become successful in life.

2. What three superpowers would you want to have?

  • Teleporting - So I would never have to pay for an airplane
  • Flying - So I don't have to get stuck in traffic
  • Magic - So I can make the world a better place

3. If you could live anywhere in the world where would you live? I would live in Australia. I had the chance to live there in college and I loved it there!

4. What do you do when we have no school? I take my dogs Wrigley and Fenway out for hikes and runs. I also love to work on projects around my house.

5. Is there one subject in school that you don't like? What is it and why? Yes. I did not like high school calculus.

Mrs. Bonsall

  1. What is your favorite part of being a substitute? I love developing relationships with my students throughout the time I'm with them.

  2. Who is your favorite celebrity? You probably never heard of him. It is Bono.

  3. Are you a bookworm? I don't read THAT much but when I do, I read a lot. So overall I guess you could call me a bookworm.

  4. Do you have any children? Yes! I have 2 daughters. There's my oldest, Natalie, and youngest, Ava.

  5. Do you have any pets? Yes I do! I have 1 golden retriever, 2 cats, and 2 mice.

5th Grade Survey: What is your favorite part of summer?

We surveyed Miss Lightner's class, Mr. Nerino's class, Mrs. Wilson's class and Mrs. Gainer's class to see what their favorite part of the summer is. Here are our results:

The beach-- 18 students

The pool-- 54 students

Playing outside-- 4 students

Survey: What will you miss most about Rutherford?

We asked the fifth graders in Mr. Nerino, Mrs.Wilson, Miss Lighter, and Mrs. Gainer's classes about what they would miss most about Rutherford. Here are the results:

The teachers: 26 students

Lunch: 1 student

Recess: 15 students

Specials: 1 student

Friends: 25 students


What do you call a fake noodle? an Impasta!

Can February March? No, but April May.

When do monkeys fall from the sky? during Ape-ril showers!

Tips for the PSSAs

It's that time of the year again when we get prepared to take the biggest test of the year. Here are some easy steps to get yourself ready for the PSSAs:

Step 1. STUDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 2. Get 9-11 hours of sleep the night before the test.

Step 3. Eat a great breakfast so your not tired or hungry when your taking the test

Step 4. Soup breath and relax! Don't let the pressure that this is THE BIGGEST TEST OF THE SCHOOL YEAR get to you.

Step 5. Give it your all and try your best!!!!

Problem Solvers: Ways to Relieve Worries about the PSSAs

It's that time again! PSSA's are here and they can bring stress and anxiety. For us 5th graders, that is around 2 weeks of testing. EEeeekkk! So, in that case, here are some tips to prevent stress and anxiety!

Preparing for long testing hours:

  • Eat a good breakfast
  • Get 8-10 hours of sleep each night
  • Stay hydrated
  • Stay full (not hungry)
  • Go to the bathroom before testing
  • Don't stress out
  • Bring a jacket if you get cold
  • Bring 2 books to read for when you are done
  • If you feel stressed, take deep breaths and count from 20 to 0 slowly to calm yourself down
  • Wear comfy clothes (no itchy materials, zippers, anything that will distract you) So, rip out the big sweaters and stay cozy!

Preparing for tests themselves:

  • Have all school supplies ready
  • Get to school on time
  • Take deep breaths
  • If you get stuck on a question, chill out! Use the process of elimination or just make an educated guess.

    Now that you know these awesome tips, do you best on the test and don't stress!

Rutherford Proud
Rutherford Parody "All About that Test"

5th Grade Special Message

  • "Best of luck in middle school. You were quite a memorable group! :) " -Mr. Brumfield

  • "Learn to be yourself, always, no matter the circumstance. Do not be afraid of hard work as enduring success is guaranteed by hard work. Greatness is defined as the ability to believe in yourself. As you enter the next phase in your life, may God bless you. Wishing you luck as we bid goodbye." -Mr. Doi

  • "Dear 5th Grade: I have worked at East Middle School for several years. The teachers are kind and help you study and learn. Say hi to Mrs. Doyle in the office. I wish you all the best adventures in 6th grade. Be kind to each other every day!" -Mrs. Mashas

  • "Dear 5th grade class of 2016: Here's wishing you all the best of luck in middle school, next year. Remember what your Rutherford teachers have taught you and you'll all do very well. Be respectful, and responsible. Give your best effort to each task. And lastly, ALWAYS remember to be kind." -Mrs. Gralski

  • "Best wishes 5th grade! Stay focused, work hard, and you can achieve anything!" -Mrs. Cintron

  • "Dear 5th grade, many of you were in 2nd grade when I came to Rutherford. I have enjoyed getting to know you and work with you. Best of luck to you in middle school, and I hope you come back to visit!" -Mr. Michaels

  • "Hi 5th graders! As you prepare to say goodbye to the halls of Rutherford Elementary, please remember that you will forever be a Rutherford cub. Continue to make us proud by always being respectful, responsible, safe, prepared and kind to others. I wish you all the best!" -Mrs. Zlogar

  • "5th graders--Congratulations! You did it! Best wishes as you face new endeavors and new challenges in life. Keep following your dreams and never give up!" -Miss Zimmerman

  • "5th grade, Thank you for being such great role models for the younger students here at Rutherford. Good luck! We will miss you!" -Miss Werner

  • "Thanks for all the memories! Best wishes always." -Mrs. Todd

  • "Dear 5th grade, congratulations on a job well done!! You will leave here knowing that you will always have the Rutherford Cubs spirit within you! I wish you all the best in Middle School and beyond!" -Mrs. A

  • "Good luck at the middle school 5th graders! You will do GREAT!" -Mr. Porr

  • "You're off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so... get on your way! --Dr. Seuss. Best of luck in all you do! You will be missed!" -Miss Zuvich

  • "Fabulous 5th grade- I get a huge smile when I think back two years. I remember how wonderful it was to teach you. I remember fondly crayfish, cursive, and crazy fun :) At the beginning of third grade you all feared multiplication facts. By the END, you were amazing mathematicians! I will always remember you!" -Miss Wissinger

  • "Dear 5th grade, what a fun class you have been. We all have shared many memories, lessons, good times, bad times. But through it all we have stuck together. Best wishes!" -Mr. Mashas

  • "Good luck in middle school next year. Remember to work hard, listen to your teachers, and get involved in sports, music ensembles, and other clubs. Have a great summer!" -Mr. Boden