Students offered money ?

Should students get paid for good grades?


Students should not get paid for good grades. Back in the days teachers offered kids money for simply having good grades. If students got to be paid all they will think about is in how they spend their money and not learn much.

2 persuasive techniques

Bandwagon - Some schools have been catching on in the trend for paying kids for having good grades.

Fallacy - students get good grades for money but when the tests start coming they have no effort in trying, since the arent able to get money.

5 reasons

First reason is that if kids start getting good grades they are going to start asking teachers or parents for money.

Second reason is why should kids get paid for something their parents expect from their kids.

Third reason ,just because its hard work does not mean it has to be paid for.

Fourth reason students should try on their own and don't worry about money.

fifth reason kids should not be getting money for their grades.

Counter argument

Students should not get paid for having good grades.Others think they should.

All kids should strive to do their best and have good careers not so they can get paid and go buys things that they don't need.