Digital Fluency Leadership

by: Mr. Lilly


Main theme: Many great ideas were shared by the presenter and the room. It is inspiring and overwhelming at the same time. I want our campus to get to the goal of being proficient at digital learning but the process of achieving the goal is daunting. It takes strategic planning and cheerleading.

Ideas: Become your own PR department through digital media. Share the learning in your building using FREE outlets like Tweeter. Increase communication within your school and community.

Quotes from the room: ""You are not the smartest person in the room ,the room is."

"Teachers don't know it all, we are not the main source for answers= google it."

Three Goals Moving Foward:

1. Lead a Faculty meeting through digital devices to engage and teach

2. Educate myself on new technology available to improve our fluency.

3. Become a better communicator through social/electronic media. Tweets/youtube