Ancient Pueblos

Zach Nuetzel


The pueblos lived in a cave where they built their houses called adobes. The cave will help them with shelter and planting where they would have enough moisture to grow corn or beans.

Farmers and Hunters

The pueblo tribe ate deer and turkey which the men hunted and killed.The farmers in the tribe made crops which included: corn, beans, sunflower seeds, and squash.


They used weapons such as the atluti which is like a bow and arrow. They also used knifes, spears, and darts which propelled by a throwing stick.
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They had traditions that had involved nature. One of them was that they believed in nature spirits and would never harm nature unless they need to. They were afraid they would get cursed.
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Fun Facts

they lived in the mesa verde region which is located in the four corners. They also fought in the tiguex war where they fought against the Coronado Expedition.
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