Business Management

Introductions to management


Management includes the process or functions of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. Management helps focus on setting and meeting goals efficiently and effectively so that a profit can be made. The word Management can also refer to someone who is in charge of running a business.

Four Functions of Management

► Planning- the act or process of creating goals and objectives as well as the strategies to meet them
  • Planning also involves figuring out the resources that are needed and the standards that must be met.
Organizing- getting the resources arranged in an orderly and functional way to accomplish goals and objectives.
  • Managers must organize people, work process, and equipment so that work is well coordinated.
Leading- This means providing direction and vision.

  • Leading means you have to set standards such as deadlines and sales quotas and resolve conflicts between workers. Leaders are the overseers of the business.
Controlling- Keeping the company on track and making sure goals are met.

  • Controlling also means monitoring customer satisfaction and take corrective action when goals are not met .

Top Managers in the World

Managerial Structures

≈ Line Authority- Organizational structure in which managers on one level are in charge of those beneath them.

≈ Line and Staff- Organizational chart that shows direct line of authority as well as staff who advise line personnel

≈ Centralized Organization- puts authority in one place.

≈ Decentralized Organization- Gives authority to a number of different managers

≈ Departmentalization- Divides responsibility among specific units or departments.

Is a Managers Job for You?

I personally could not handle a managers job because I lack the certain skills, but look below and see if you posses the qualities it takes to be a manager

Necessary Skills for Effective Managers


∞ Good at working under pressure

∞ Problem Solver

∞ Good Communicator

∞ People Skills

∞ Listening Skills

Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Manager


Earn more Money



Get the blame

☺ Under a lot of Pressure