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Here’s how ZNZ works: they have the Fortune 500 companies that have trial offers for people to check out their products or services, when someone does a trial for these companies, the companies pay ZNZ a referral fee. ZNZ pays the associates like us part of that referral fee for bringing people in to check out these companies. Basically everybody wins, the companies have a chance to get a new customer, ZNZ makes money, and ZNZ pays us money for spreading the word, does that make sense to you?

What you would be doing is referring people online to do trials for companies. It is a way for them to market targeted audiences without paying expensive advertising fees. What ZNZ requires is for each associate like us to use the program and do the trials for these companies one time. If you like the product or service you can keep it, if not at the end of the trial you can cancel it with no obligation. When people sign up and do step one under you, you will earn $20, and when they complete step two, you will earn an additional $30, and step 3 you earn an additional $60-80. All this just from ONE of your referrals who completes the sign up credit.

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