Act of Union

Canada was born


The French in Canada were highly inflicted by the act of union as they did not want to assimilate into british rule and help upper Canada as the French and British were longtime enemies. They also had a lot of there laws and rules were stripped away from them.


Upper Canada was in deep Debt and lower Canada was doing just fine so British upper Canada benefited from the act of union as they got the british laws and were out of debt.they could also criticise the french for being too french.

Sir lord Durham And the Durham report

Sir lord Durham made the durham report to the king of Britain he was sent to discover why the thirteen colonies rebelled and prevent it in Canada he advised the act of union which ultimately failed to suppress the french.

Other important events

  • Fraser gold rush
  • The American Revolution
  • The Great Migration

How its important in canadian history.

The Act of union is the most important event in canadian history until confederation since it effected the most people from the french to the first nations.


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