Watergate Scandal

By: Kyle Epperson

5 Facts of Nixon's Involvement in the Watergate Scandal

  • Nixon had created a group of seven people to be involved in the watergate scandal
  • Nixon wanted to put wires to listen in on the watergate hotel to help his reelection
  • Nixon fired Archibald Cox for catching on about Nixon being the one that did these bad deeds
  • Nixon didn't get impeached but resigned himself
  • The people of America wanted Nixon to be impeached

2 Paragraphs on Nixon during the Watergate Scandal

Ervin was a person that was investigating the watergate scandal and it was named after him becoming known as the Ervin Committee. Nixon would, later on, resign due to Ervin's discoveries about Nixon and how he was involved deeply with the watergate scandal. Nixon was supposed to be impeached but resigned before this could happen.

John dean was the one person that pressed charges against Nixon for his actions in the watergate scandal. Nixon would refuse that he was the one in the watergate scandal until they asked for his personal tapes he recorded that were supposed to be secret. After they had asked him several times he had then decided to resign from office.