Team Freatman Direct Nest

Weekly Updates - September 5, 2013

Top 5 First Line August 2013

1) Daniza Santiago - $6559.00

2) Mindy Ingersoll - $993.64

3) Laura Carpenter - $920.58

4) Lindsey Doebler - $759.38

5) Kim Sweisthal - $752.88

August/September Incentive

Due to everyone being so busy with the end of summer, school starting, and our diw's coming on board (myself included) I am going to extend the booking blitz part of our incentive until Sept 15th. I have had a few submissions so far and the results of the booking blitzes have been amazing! Just think if these ladies did not give it a try, all of the parties they would have missed out on!!!! Here are the details again for the contest! Remember too that there is also a team wide incentive on the regular team facebook page, so with one booking blitz you have the chance to win two prizes!!! I highly suggest you encourage your team to do the same - it will increase your business as well!

1. Do a booking blitz by Sept 15th!
Submit your results by sept 15
Points: 1 points for every "no"
2 points for every party booked

2. Listen to the Lynsey Jones recordings(all 6 of them) and send me a list Of what you learned on each recording. Worth 20 points


3. Increase your personal PV in September...
Increase by $500 equals 20 points
Increase by $1000 equals 30 points
Increase by $2000 equals 40 points
Increase by $3000 equals 50 points

The winner ....ready for it..... I will take to New York City in December to see the Holiday "windows" in the stores!!!!! All expenses paid!!!!