Hoover Update

Hoover is a horrible president

Hoover's policies

Hoover told Americans that the government could only play a limited role in helping to solve American problems. He said it was just "business as usual." There could be no welfare or government handouts. Charities had to provide aid to the poor. His big saying was "help people help themselves." He is the president of the United States. It should be his job to help people!

Bonus Army

In the spring of 1932, 20,000 World War I vet sand families arrived in Washington DC. They came to support the Patman Bill which was a $500 bonus to vets in 1945. They wanted it earlier because they had no money. Veterans started making camps outside of the white house and they refused to leave. That made Hoover nervous. So, Hoover decides to call out to the army. 1,000 people were gassed, two people were shot, and one was blinded. The camp was burnt down. That just made everyone against Hoover more than they already were.