Wood duck

Wood duck

Dayshawn Hawthorne

  • Name- Wood duck
  • Anseriformes
(Geese, Swans, and ducks)

  • Diet- Fruits, nuts, seeds, of aquatic plants,

pond weed and duckweed

  • Habitat- Corridors along streams, secluded wooded swamps, lake backwaters, and ponds
  • Size- length: 19-20 in
Weight: 1.1-1.9 lbs

Wingspan: 21-22 in

The male wood duck is one of the most unmistakable waterfowl in Ohio and is considered to be the prettiest ducks in North America. It's smartly colored plumage distinguishes it from the other duck's in Ohio. Another name for a male wood duck is a drake. The wood duck has seven different names such as woodie , swamp, squealer, and summer duck. They eat the fruits and nuts from ,oak ,and hickory tree's. They are strictly cavity nesters. That means that they lay there inside a hole in a tree either made by another bird, or from a hollow tree.