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Your News For What's Happening in Room 404! - December 1

Reading News

This week begins our transition into the world of expository reading. Otherwise known as, informational/nonfiction text. Before a writer can successfully write his or her own informational piece, he or she needs to spend time noticing, reading and thinking about this genre of writing. The students will begin the work of noticing this week as we identify nonfiction text features in mentor texts and in a scavenger hunt format. We will also look deeply at the structure of expository test beginning with descriptive and sequential text structure. Students will become familiar with each structure and key words that help readers identify each structure. As we dig deeper into specific structures we will notice the ways that the author gives the main idea and supporting details of his/her big ideas. Eventually, students will learn all 5 text structures and how to differentiate between each one.

Writing News

We are diving into the writing world of expository text as well. This week students will learn that expository writing explains through a fun poem. We will also look at an expository writing prompt and learn how a writer uses the writing process to plan and then draft the idea sparked from the prompt. Students will spend time looking at thesis statements or central ideas and then draft their own central idea for their piece. We will also use a "sun web" to record details that support our central idea. These details will later be turned into sentences which will become the body of the piece.


This week students will look at the root: cosm. Students will again research the root and the words that contain each root. They will create a visual representation of the root itself and of each word that contains the root. We will not have our traditional spelling list or test this week as students will be given the list of possible words for the Spelling Bee, which will be held in our classroom on Friday. Students should spend time studying these words in any way that would be beneficial in preparing them for the bee. The goal at the end of the spelling bee is to have identified one winner and one alternate from each class. Feel free to email with any questions regarding the Spelling Bee.

Reminders to Parents

  • December 3- Progress Reports Sent Home
  • December 5- Classroom Spelling Bee
  • December 17 - School Wide Spelling Bee
  • December 19 - Early Release


As we return to school after our wonderful Thanksgiving break, I am thankful to get back to the work of teaching and learning. Our class has grown much in their academics but also in their social and personal goals. I am proud of the work each one is doing to become their best. Thank you for your continued support of me, your student and the daily work we do here at Creek View. Thankful that I now know the true meaning of, "It's good to be a gator!"