The-Murray-Darling-River Facts

By Brit (Brenda) Coles

European/ Australian use

  • Almost the entire Murray Darling river had been explored and occupied within fifty years
  • The river was first used as transportation
  • Gold discoveries in the 1850's brought a new wave of population growth
  • The Murray Darling Basin stretches 2580km
  • Hamilton Hume and Willian Hovell were the first known Europeans to discover the Murray Darling River

Water Physical Changes


  • The water needs a certain amount of water to flow properly
  • It has ben calculated that the total flow has been reduced by 61%

Dames effect the flow

  • Natural flow varies according to season


  • Salts have accumulated over the past sixty-five million years
  • Loss of floodplains and wetlands have been caused
  • Has an impact on crops


  • Water quality is crucial for maintaining a healthy environment and clean drinking water
  • Land management and land use are key causes for poor water quality

Aboriginal/Indigenous use

  • The river was/is used for a rich supply of food such as fish, apples, possems and bark
  • Reeds were used for making baskets and mats
  • The river was used for transport as a trading route between communities
  • Rivers were used as a play area for children
  • The Indigenous felt that they had a strong connection with the river
  • They feel responsible for the river