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Drew Nester; Editor-in-Cheif

Food Inc.

Humans want to pay the cheapest price for their food not even knowing were it came from Many food companies recruit illegal. For example many meat packing companies have very hard labor intensive work that doesn't pay very good for that reason that isn't the first pick for a job for most Americans. The meat packing companies still need people to work there so their solution is hiring illegal immigrants. Companies should receive a large fine for hiring illegal immigrants and the illegal immigrant should be sent to jail. Worker can work for about 10-15 years before being found and sent to jail. Illegal immigrants shouldn't be working in America people would get jobs at meatpacking places if paid employees better and made the job not as labor intensive.

Dear, Linnmar Students of 2016

Greetings, I am Alice Paul. I am the woman who lead the act to win over women votes. Right now I am on my death bed dying. Anyway the way I won over rights is not the way you think I would. Instead of protesting by holding up signs and getting up in your face I was thrown in jail and fed really bad food. I refused to eat it after a few days I was force fed. They put a tube in my mouth and put some eggs in the tube.

The reason I was dedicated to win over votes is because i believe that everyone is equal no matter gender race or religion. Now in 1977 we have woman politicians and women are more respected than before. I hope by 2016 women still have a role in the government and woman can still vote for there own laws.


Alice Paul

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Lose the Beer or the End is Near.

The man is riding a jug of beer down a river a rum with words like tasting sipping in the rum. no alcohol did change our country people still had it though just like today people still have illegal drugs.


The United States Constitution states that all men are created equal. But the U.S. is taking over small islands for there resources. Hawaii has been taken by the United States. The Unites States is taking their sugar cane and pineapples.This is all changing because of these Pacific islands including Cuba the Philippines. The U.S. is ruling these countries governments .If these people wanted to enter the United states they could have simply gone through Angel or Ellis Island. The United States now owns Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. The United States has begun there attempt to rule the world. Japan is being closed in by the United States. The imperialism by the United States is taking over the entire world.
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Do your bit and eat corn grits.

Help out the men fighting in the war and stop eating wheat and eat corn products as an effective alternative.

Is The Treaty of Versailles Fair?

The Treaty of Versailles required Germany to take all blame fro the war and also pay reparations for damages. The Treaty did include some of Wilson's 14 points. The Germans protested against The Treaty of Versailles and threatened the French Military. Many Americans do not think the Treaty was fair to Germany because they had to take full blame for the war. A war can not happen unless two sides take part in the ear which is why some Americans do not believe is is a fair treaty. The Lusitania was one reason the United States entered the war it was carrying military items so Germany had every right to sink the Lusitania.

Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong as born in 1901. Armstrong was born into poverty and have the grandson of slaves. He lived in a rough neighborhood known as the battlefield. Armstrong attended Fisk School for boys he also made some money as a paper boy. Armstrong would hang around dance halls near his home.

He had an early move for music. For extra money he hauled coal to storyville. After dropping out of school at age 11 he joined a quartet of boys who sang on the street for money. He wasn't always out of trouble in fact he would get into some trouble on the streets. He worked for a Jewish immigrant family who had a junk haul business.

They gave him plenty of odd jobs they also fed him and took care of him knowing he lived without his father. By the 1920s Armstrong was playing jazz music in the cotton club. Joe Oliver served as a mentor to Louis throughout his whole career Louis died in 1971 of a heart attack but he went down as one of the most well know jazz performers in history.

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Charlie Chaplin The Silent Icon

Charlie Chaplin was one of the most well known actors in the "silent era". Charlie was born in London England in 1889. He was born in poor family but rose into fame in the 1920s in he was in multiple silent films even after they had the opportunity to add sound Charlie still performed in silent films including The Kid (1921), A Woman of Paris (1923) and The Gold Rush (1925). He was in silent films throughout all of the roar 20s.
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Capital: Sacramento

Nickname: The Golden State

California is the State with the most earthquakes because California sits right on a fault one of the biggest earth quakes happened in 1906 the earthquake had a magnitude of 8.25 many buildings came down. California is also the state the borders the most ocean.

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Capital: Des Monies

Nickname: The Hawkeye state

Iowa has some of the most fertile soil in the entire world which makes it a key place to farm. Iowa is covered in fields manly corn and beans. Iowa is also the only state to be separated by two rivers

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Capital: Baton Rouge

Nickname: The Pelican state

40% of Louisiana is wetland. The central feature of Louisiana is the Mississippi River. Louisiana is also the home to Louis Armstrong The Jazz performer

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Capital: Phoenix

Nickname: The Grand Canyon State

Arizona is the 48th state to join the U.S. Arizona is also the home of the Grand Canyon a giant canyon carved out of the Colorado river. Arizona is also the leading in copper production out of the entire nation.