The Appalachians

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A beautiful mountain range with many activities to choose from

Experience our many wildlife parks, extreme sports, beautiful landscape and unique culture.


The Appalachians can be divided into 3 regions; The Northern Region, Central Region and the Southern Region. It's about 2400 km long and 400 km wide. They are about 300-500 million years old, formed in the Paleozoic Era. They are mainly made of sedimentary rock. It was formed when two tectonic plates collided, creating mountains.
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The rapidly changing tides in the Bay of Fundy

Bay of Fundy Tide, Time-lapse, Fundy National Park

Visit the many wildlife parks in the Appalachians

There are so many parks to see! Discover wildlife you have never seen before, native to the Appalachians. Observe the natural beauty of the landscape while you're gazing in amazement.

Cliff Jumping into the the Three Pools

GoPro: Epic cliff jumping Nova Sctoia : Best place on earth

A trip though a part of Fundy National Park

Black Hole, Fundy National Park

The Appalachian Trail

Venture onto the 3470 km trail known as The Appalachian Trail. See the beautiful sights and experience the thrill of the cliffs, rivers and other natural landscape features. It extends from Georgia to Maine, and is an experience you wouldn't want to miss.
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An adventure on the Appalachian Trail's "Toughest Mile"

Appalachian Trail: The Hardest Mile - 124

One of the filming locations for the famous 1997 film "Titanic" was Nova Scotia.

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The Appalachians

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