Animal Abuse Awarness

Help support a fight agianst all animals mistreated

Why animals need help

When you think of animal abuse you might be thinking of a stray dog or an abandoned cat. I agree that these animals are abused pretty bad but some animals are bred to be abused in labradories for experiments like how long they can hold their breath before passing out or they can be infected with diseases to see its effects. These things animals don't deserve what did they do to us?

How you can help

To help us out you can do many things from a small donation to giving medicine to help injured animals. Also abused animals are not just cats and dogs so if you have an old fish tank or something similar we will gladly accept it because all kinds of animals are mistreated.

What we are doing

So you may wonder what and why you are donating things to us? Well it is because we are trying to create many campaigns agianst big companies that are breeding animals just to be sent to their deaths. We are going to try and save some animals on the street but many people seem fine with the vivisection of many animals so getting rid of that is going to be our top priority