Peter the Great

by Denis Geiger

Vital statistics

Name of Monarch and Family Name: Peter I, Czar (Romanov Dynasty)

Date of Reign and Country: Czar of Russia (May 7, 1682-1725 upon his death)

Birthday: June 9, 1672 in Moscow, Russia Date of Death: Feb 8,1725 in St. Petersburg

Peter the Great's Approach to Government

~ Tried to become western power through sweeping reforms

~ In 1722 Peter created the Table of Ranks, giving merit-based precedence rather than privilege based on birth

~ "Poll Tax" to pay for improvements in St. Petersburg (had to be paid by everyone, both the rich and the poor)

Two policies enacted to achieve goals

~ Forced the people to adapt to western European culture

~Forced nobels to allow women out of their traditional seclusion

Three Achievements

~ He modernized Russia (ex. built magnificent new capital)

~ He expanded Tsardom into much larger empire that became a major European power

~ He instituted reform to the Russian government that had lasting impact

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