How NISD Can Be The Best

Shannon, Deborah, Jordan, Beatriz

Rigor in the Classroom


-Enhance the idea of manners and respect with children.

-allow technology use in the classroom


-When starting middle school, students should be required to do 2 or more pre-ap classes or more. That way, all students get the hang of what it's like to take advanced classes.

High School

Students should start to follow the policies in college, that way it doesn't come as a shock later on.

We took some of the expectations from both a community college and a top college in America.

From Monroe County Community College

-Be on time for class and try to arrive early on the first day so you can get a good seat. Try to sit in the T zone of the classroom (front few rows or center)

-Be prepared and organized

-go to class often. If you miss a class, ask a classmate for notes or work. Don't ask the teacher if you missed anything important. It's all important!

-Ask questions and make a friend in class

-Turn off cell phone and don't text or surf the web during class. Especially when the teacher is talking. Don't be rude.

From Stanford University

-enhance technology and give everyone the responsibility to keep up with their stuff.

-Always do your best on everything you do

Respect others and you shall be respected.

We should encourage all students to take at least one advanced class so that everybody gets the feeling of being in a rigorous course.

Emphasize the importance of professional relationships between students and teachers. Students will be seriously disciplined if they talk back to the teacher. Teachers don't have to put up with any rude behavior. This gets students with the vibe that they have to behave professionally at school, which prepares them for the real world.

Extra Curricular Activities

Starting in elementary, students should be required to participate in something outside of school hours. This encourages the parents to be involved as well, creating a good community for children to grow up in. Even it of the child just helps the parent out by cleaning trash at a local park, just get the child used to the idea that they have to help out in some way.

Middle and High school students need to be involved in a club or organization. The district should encourage all schools to let the student have the freedom of creating their own club if they want to. By doing this, we prepare students with the idea that in order to be successful, you have to be able to help those around you.

"Research was performed on the claim of fact that students involved in extracurricular activities receive higher grades than those not involved in activities."

School Hours

The fall semester of the school year should start around the middle of August. If school starts earlier in August, then semester exams will be the week before Winter Break. Doing this would appeal to students, and is what colleges do already. It is a hassle if students have to take exams after Winter Break, therefore the fall semester should end before Winter Break.

The school year should end around the middle of May, before Memorial Day. That way students don't have to come back to school for a week or two after having a day off.

School hours: all schools, among all grade levels, should have exactly 7 hour in school.

Elementary school should be: 7:45am - 2:45pm

Middle school should be: 9:20am - 4:20pm

High school should be: 8:35am - 3:35pm

Accelerated/Special Program Schools: 8:25am - 3:25pm

No school starts or ends at the same time, therefore parents and buses can still provide transportation and time between each.

Grading Policy

Currently, NISD's grading policy is based the following: summative assignments and formative assignments. Summative activities consist of major projects and tests, while formative grades are minor assignments designed to prepare students for their summative exams that are more heavily weighted. Forty percent of a grade is based on formative activites, and 60% is based on summatives.

If a student scores higher on a summative assignment then they did on the previous formative, then the lower formative grade is dropped. This is where I think the system needs to change. This policy creates a lack of interest/preparation for formative grades, and thus the student knows less material when a summative finally comes around. If formative grades couldn't be dropped, NISD students would reach a higher levels of mastery in their courses because every assignment counts. It is a stricter system, but I believe it would produce smarter, more diligent students.

Professional Dress

Students are not required to wear a uniform, but are required to dress modestly and appropriately so that they get the feeling of being in a professional situation. Modest meaning nothing too low cut, nothing too short.

Even though people correlate uniforms with succeeding, we want students of all grade levels to have the freedom to be themselves and dress however they want. But, everything has to be modest or else the student will be asked to go home.




Extra Curricular: