Team Awesome

September 30-October 4

Math - Davis

Sept. 30-Oct. 4

Regular Math: We will continue to work on our Rational Numbers/Integer Unit. Students will receive a "contract" on Monday. They will have class time everyday to complete assignments on their contract. As they finish, I will grade, give feedback and record their grade on their contract. Ask to see this each day to see what was completed.

A.C. Math - Students will continue to work on their contract work. We will begin lessons on computing with integers this week. Ask to see your child's contract to see what they have completed and their grades.



Please refer to our calendar on this website to see tutoring dates.

Please check out my article on my math page titled "Flipping the Classroom".

Science - Selzer

We are continuing our study of rocks and minerals this week. Students will look at samples of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks, noting the specific characteristics of each type of rock. Information about the Science Exposition will be sent home on Monday September 30th.

Language Arts - Wallace

This week in ELA, we'll work on comparing the challenges faced by the people in our shared reading with the challenges faced by other people throughout history. Students will work in small groups to make comparisons, and then, on Wednesday, the groups will share their findings with their classes and facilitate a class discussion or learning experience based on the information their group studied. Students will also have an assessment on their independent reading on Thursday.

Social Studies - Cantrell

We are working on Latin America History. The test is October 9. Students have a study guide and should be filling it out as they learn the material.

Students should have completed the first two sections of the Create a Country Project by now. If students make changes to their project based on my feedback they can improve their grade.