Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Pine Street Park

Easter is Almost Here

Join in the fun. We'll have three activities this year, each with a special prize!

  • Egg toss (Noon) - how far can you throw an egg to your partner without it breaking or dropping?
  • Egg race (12:15) - Race to the finish line while holding a spoon with an egg in it. But don't drop it!
  • Egg hunt(12:30) - The tradition continues. Toss the eggs out. Wait for the whistle. Then RUN and collect as many eggs as you can. Different zones will be setup for Toddler and Younger; PreK-Grade school; and an area for All Ages. A special prize for finding the golden egg.

Don't forget to bring along six to 12 plastic eggs filled with treats or toys to share at the hunt.

Sunday, April 5th, 12pm

Open Field on Pine & Polk

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