Raymond's Run

A Media project plan, by Will Chavez

What is your story and who is the author?

My story is Raymond's Run, Written by Toni Cade Bambara.

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How does the story connect to the idea of challenge?

It was about how Hazel overcame her confidence and beat everyone else in the race.

What is a Summary of the story?

Hazel was walking down the street, watching her brother Raymond. She was explaining about how she was the "fastest thing in the neighborhood," when she ran into the antagonist, Gretchen. She said she was going to beat Hazel, but she knew that nobody could be as fast as herself. Hazel then came across the man who registered people for the race. She said that she would prefer to be registered as Hazel, and not "Squeaky." Then, the race came, and Hazel walked to the 50-Yard line.The race began, and Hazel was off to an early lead. She looked to each side, and saw Gretchen slightly behind her, and to her other side was Raymond, running with his arms crossed behind his back. Hazel questioned her brother's running style, and he told her it was more aerodynamic then that of most other running styles.

Analyze the plot to determine whether and how conflicts are resolved.

The conflicts between Gretchen and Hazel are resolved, but it happens as Gretchen is fine to admit she placed second, and smiles at Hazel, who won in a short first.

Describe each & analyze how the characters’ qualities influence the resolution.


Hazel, and her resolution resolved when she beat Gretchen in a close first.


Gretchen, and her resolution is resolved by her admitting defeat from Hazel in the 50-Yard dash.

Explain the theme and analyze how the characters’ qualities influence the theme.

The theme in Raymond's Run is to strive at what you enjoy, to become the best that you can be.