Albert Einstein

The Humble Genius

Basic information

  • Birthdate: March 14, 1879-April 18, 1955
  • Birthplace/country of origin: Ulm, Germany
  • Education: Lutipold Gymnasium, Swiss federal polytechnic school, Aargau cantonal school, ETH Zurich, University of Zurich
  • Family: Father named Hermann Einstein, mother named Pauline Koch, and sister named Maja EinsteinWives-Mileva Maric(whom he had 2 children named Eduard and Hans) and Elsa Einstein-Löwenthal ( whom he had 2 step children)
  • Work: technical assistant at the Swiss Patent office, professor at ETH Zurich, guest professor at Princeton University, institute of Advanced Study
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Major discoveries

  • Theory of relativity
  • Universal law of gravitation
  • Extended Newtonian Mechanics to speeds close to speed of light
  • Concluded that mass and energy determine the geometry of spacetime
  • Theory of relativity
  • Angle Fire

Einstein's Challenges

  • Faced problems with authority In education
  • Poor general life skills
  • Contempt upon opinions
  • Nazis confiscated his property
  • History 1900s
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Interesting Facts

  • Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize
  • His 2nd marriage was to his cousin
  • Was offered the presidency of Israel but declined
  • Sometimes, he went to school without pants and socks
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