EA 2 Unpacking

Jakob, Isaiah, Adrianna, and Syi'ane


In order to produce a successful TV news story, you have to have these skills: You must include an effective headline that may employ alliteration. You must carefully select your words to enhance the audience's understanding of the intended message. The broadcast presentation must be coherent and professional. The broadcast displays evidence of collaborative story design, careful planning, and rehearsal. And finally the story must contain an engaging introduction, significant facts that provide details from the story, an interview that connects to the report to clarify and important ideas on the concept of change for the viewer, and reflective commentary that examines the larger effects of change.


Some things that you need to know in order to produce an amazing TV news story are: You need to know the facts of the news story, like who, what, when, where, and why. You, of course, need to know the intended message of the story. You need to know how to effectively use transition words to allow the audience to seamlessly flow through the story. And finally you need to know how to add extensive evidence that reflects carious stages of the writing process.