Festival of Life St. Kitts

To reach a nation.

February 24-March 1

Festival of Life 2014

Have you ever been to the Caribbean on vacation or for business? What about for missions work and to proclaim the Gospel? My name is Pastor Brandon Grayson, and my wife and I are missionaries in St. Kitts, sent out from Horizon Christian Fellowship in Indianapolis. I pastor a local church here called Caribbean Christian Fellowship. We minister to the students who come to study here on the island and also to the local community. We are excited to host the first Festival of Life here on February 24th-March 1st. We would love nothing more than to have your prayers, support, and involvement in this outreach to a nation.

What is a Festival of Life?

The purpose and vision of a Festival of Life is to present the message of Jesus Christ to an entire city (and in this case, nation) by reaching out to many communities and involving hundreds of individual believers.

This approach permeates and impacts an entire island nation, thus making the Festival of Life a truly unique ministry. Each day we will hold several small outreaches to various communities, with the last two days culminating in the center of Basseterre with live music, raffles, entertainment and bold and powerful proclamation of the Gospel.

Each Festival of Life provides opportunities for hundreds of people just like you to get involved by using their gifts to impact this nation with the gospel for Jesus Christ.

Want to be involved?

Participation is open to those who have a heart for serving and seeing the lost souls of this world hear and accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ. All participants (groups or individuals) must have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, complete an application, and have a reference from a church leader (individuals only).

Schedule of Events

(Events are tentative)

February 22-24
  • Teams arrive
  • Festival set-up
  • Orientation
  • Loads of prayer

February 25-27

  • Community ministry
  • Basseterre outreach
  • Operation invite
  • Various concerts and entertainment
  • Even more prayer

February 28-Mar. 1

  • Most prayer ever
  • Huge downtown concert
  • Mike MacIntosh Gospel proclamation

Speakers and Musicians

Pastor Mike MacIntosh

For 36 years Mike has been the pastor of Horizon Christian Fellowship in San Diego, California. Over one hundred churches and para-church organizations have grown out of this congregation worldwide, as well as Horizon Christian Academy, a preschool through high school educational system that currently enrolls over 1,000 students.

With a deep commitment to the law-enforcement and first-responder communities, Mike serves as a Chaplain for the San Diego Police Department, the Newport Beach Police Department, and the American Red Cross. As a certified trainer through the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation.

Mike holds Master of Arts, Master of Religion, Master of Divinity, and Doctor of Divinity degrees from Azusa Pacific Graduate School of Theology, and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Fuller Theological Seminary. He is an adjunct professor at Azusa Pacific University, and the author of several books, including When Your World Falls Apart, drawn from his experiences as a Chaplain responding to the New York World Trade Center disaster.

Alphonso Bailey

Alphonso Bailey is the founder and Executive Director of Down But Not Out, Inc. He had everything going for him; a good family and a football scholarship to Kentucky State University. A series of poor choices landed him in prison and took away all of his freedoms, hopes and dreams!

Determined to turn his life around, Alphonso focused on his faith and through determination, self-discipline and the right attitude he experienced a new freedom! The sport of boxing coupled with his intense desire to grow emotionally and spiritually freed him from a life of crime and despair. Alphonso, with the help of the Lord, came to understand true freedom. Now he’s sharing and teaching that same sense of freedom to others!


A fresh young talent with a profound message for students, 737 (pronounced seven-three-seven), is a rapper with a message. As a high school student, 737 lived for the limelight of fame on the basketball court—and the benefits of his earned reputation when he stepped off the court. After graduating from high school, 737 encountered God in such a powerful way that he waved goodbye to his personal fame and instead began a relentless pursuit to represent the Famous One.
737 - Convinced (Official Video) @737Music

JD Webster

I Love Jesus, my beautiful wife and kids, my family and friends! I love to connect people with God and with each other! I lead worship, produce records, and write songs as well as pastor.
Jeremy Camp and John David Webster Sing Made to Shine

and more!

More about St.Kitts

St. Kitts is 68 sq miles of God s creation and sits in the leeward islands. It is home to about 42,000 people and supports itself mainly through tourism. The people here are generally warm and friendly and they have a good sense of community. There are many churches on the island and many religions in this small community. I would say there is a lot of religion here but not a lot of personal relationships with Jesus.

Most children grow up without fathers as it is a common thing to have children with multiple men or women.there is a great need in reaching the younger generation in St Kitts. The average yearly salary is around $12000 a year and everything is way more expensive on this island.

There is a great need for the Word of God to be taught and lived out here on this island and in the Caribbean. So many times people cannot believe I am a pastor because I don't look the part; I am too young or not dressed right or am out working and serving the people. They need to see men and women who are love with Jesus and have a personal relationship with Him.

The Missionaries

Jordan and Kristen McGaughey

The McGaugheys are currently serving at Horizon Christian Fellowship, IN. They will be moving down to St. Kitts to come alongside the Graysons as missionaries in January of 2014. God has given them a vision to serve the Graysons and the ministry that God has established there and see the islands won for the King of kings!