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Upcoming programs and information

If you missed SOAR plan on attending convention!

It is a proven fact that those who attend live meetings, trainings and convention are 75% more successful in their business.

Do you want to be that 75%??? Be sure you are taking the time to attend your local meetings and company sponsored events. It is an investment in yourself and your business.

Convention will be held at McCormick Field in Chicago, IL July 23-25, 2015. Registration began yesterday and early bird price is 199.00

Soar To Success Program

Beginning Jan 19 ALL who are at the DESIGNER level will have the opportunity to earn all over again!

This means that beginning Jan 19 and for 90 days you can re-earn Levels 1-3 and for those who missed it all together, you have the opportunity. Each level is still 500 in PV.

Also for sponsoring new designers during this time you reach their 500 in PV you will earn rewards. What a great way to build your team and give yourself a raise!!!

PV rewards:

Level 1: 20 assorted charms, 2 twist locket openers and linen bracelet display

Level 2: Charm case, Linen earring display and 75.00 gift certificate for Jewelry

Level 3: Linen Chain Display, Large Linen Bust and 125.00 gift certificate for Jewelry

Sponsoring rewards:

Level 1: 2 white linen trays and medium bust

Level 2: O2 Tablecloth and Olive the Owl display

Level 3: Mobile Jewelry Bar

You will see a new Soar to Success dashboard when you log into your back office beginning Jan 19 if you are eligible.

Business Building Tools

VIP FB group.

Do you have one? If not you should. This is a closed group you create on FB and invite your very best customers and hostesses. Here you are able to have a little more fun, offer incentives and giveaways and build those relationships. I highly suggest you create one. You are able to add people who are your friends on FB to it and send the link to those who are not your FB friends and they can request to join.

*** Fun fact, I started mine in Oct and have a core group of 50 customers/hostesses. My repeat business, bookings and referrals are phenomenal thru these customers. They feel special and know that I value their business.

199 in PV to remain active in a rolling 6 month period has been reinstated and will increase to 250 in PV in March.

O2 took many factors into consideration and this should not be viewed as punishment. This is to ensure that those who are working their business receive the proper compensation from their downlines and to help the hobbyist decide if this is something they want to pursue or not.

This is 1 JB a month...or in this case because it is a rolling 6 month period, 1 every 6 months.

Example, currently all PV from Aug-Jan is counted for your 6 months, next month it will be Sept-Feb and so on.

You are always able to view your "Active until" date on the first page when you log into your back office.

If you have any concerns, please reach out to your mentor.


We will have a new hostess rewards chart being released, tentative date is March. With the new rewards there will be 4 levels and increased benefits to our hostesses. Watch for the newest form in you back office.

Business Building Tips are in the Hoot weekly. Be sure you are watching the short best practices videos weekly. This can only help you grow your business. The Nest gives us the tools, be sure to use them.

Canada market opening

Beginning Feb 3 interested parties can join the waitlist to be designer with O2 on your team. Kits will be delivered the week of Feb 17 and product sales will go LIVE on March 16. If you have friends or family who live in Canada, now is the time to reach out to them.

Personal note

I just wanted to say thank you to all of you. 2014 was a great year for many of you with promotions and team growth. Where are you going to take it from here for 2015??

If you want to make this work as a business, because it is a business, and need help...always ask!! Your mentor and myself are here to help but we can't read minds. Use the tools, even if it makes you step out of your comfort zone!!

Team meetings. ...2014 was a tough year to get people to regular attend meetings. I plan these for your benefit and growth. "Meeting makers make more money" is a very popular saying in direct sales and it is true. Those who attend meetings regularly are always at the top of the team in sales and team growth. Take the time to attend your local meeting!

Jessica Belanger holds meetings in the Palmdale area and Ashley Marquez will begin holding them in the Chino/Glendora area as well, if you can't make mine. Don't sell yourself short.

Our next meeting at my house will be on Monday Feb 23 at 6pm.

My contact information is at the bottom here with my phone number and email. If you have questions, ask!

Let's rock 2015!!!