Monday Morning Message

Week of September 7th, 2015

Happy Second Week of School

The second week of school after a long weekend will require that everyone reviews the classroom and school rules and expectations. We probably should review and model these for the next 5 weeks in keeping with the Responsive Classroom-First Six Weeks of School. We were hoping to have this curriculum in place during teacher week so we could all train on it, but this was not the case. I encourage any of you who are not familiar with the First Six Weeks of School (Responsive Classroom) to get a copy and read it-it will prove invaluable in establishing strong classroom management and structure.


Everyone should have started opening year assessments last week; if not, you must do so on Tuesday. Anna will meet with our Primary Team to review their assessments and I will meet with 1st-5th. We may have some students we want to have travel to another grade level for math and the decision has to be made this week.

Interims go home at the end of this month, so be conscious of what will be included in the interim. We do have the option of having everyone send home an interim that is more of a synopsis of the student's strengths and areas of improvement vs. specific grades.

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Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans for this week were due to Anna on Thursday(9/3) We need hard copy Lesson Plans each week for the upcoming week. Please make sure you highlight/star/etc. what activities will produce student work on your interior bulletin boards. Anna and I will be reviewing your lesson Plans and will discuss with you your interior board plans if we have a question or concern.

Above is a photo of the lesson plan template for K-5 homeroom teachers. We would prefer you use this template, however if you have another template you would like to use which has the same information as the one above please advise Anna and I so we can approve and perhaps share with the team.

Specials Teachers: Your lesson plans must include the following: Objective,Activity, Materials, Assessment, How you are differentiating the activity based upon the students in the class.


1. Inside Bulletin Boards must be posted by Friday, September 11th COB.

2. Care Calls take place this Wednesday-Friday. Please document your class and bring any concerns to Anna and my attention. The purpose of the Care Calls this month is to make sure your families understand how things work in your classroom and in the school. They are not "Parent-Teacher Conference" calls. You and the parent are getting to know each other and you are creating a bond and partnership with them. If you have any question regarding Care Calls please come speak with me on Tuesday.

3. On Wednesday, September 16th we will celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Staff and Students are to come to school dressed as a pirate. Pirate attire will be worn to the Ice Cream Social. After speaking with the PTO, Anna and I feel that this Ice Cream Social will be truly a social event, with all of us just schmoozing with our families vs. an explanation of what the PTO does. I recommend you solicit your own room parents-they will be responsible for relaying information to the families in your class about class, school, and PTO events. I advised our families in my Friday Wrap Up that the 16th would be a Pirate Attire day but I suggest you mention it to them as well.

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