History Digest

Sera Carr; Editor-In-Chief

Coal Mine Expose


Boys around the age of 12 should be going to school, don't you think?

In Pennsylvania, many young boys who would much rather be going to school with other boys their age are being forced to work long hours of hard, dangerous work in the coal mines. The fumes that they breathe make them sick. They are constantly sick, and getting more sick everyday. Sickness is not the only harm.. many boys cut themselves on their tools, and if the rood of the mine caves in, many boys are left dead.

The boys are lonely in that dark place. No friends, no learning new things in school, no time for playing or having any fun at all. They work all day and have no time for any of those things. The boys would sometimes draw on the trap doors to the mine for fun. How could that be any fun at all? They are not paid nearly enough for this dangerous backbreaking work they do all day everyday.

Please help to regulate the jobs, pay and hours that minors can be allowed. Help them go to school, they deserve friends, and an education without fear just like everybody else.

Prohibition Act

So many Americans abused the right of alcohol.. Not only letting ruin families, relationships and friendships, but also America in general. Many politicians and leaders took part in drinking and couldn't help to make needed decisions for our country. The production and selling of alcohol was costly and becoming too much. We were drowning in it.

Yellow Journalism

Womens Suffrage-

Washington D.C., Monday, March 3, 1913.

Women suffragettes marched in the US capital, they paraded around the streets and got others to come and watch. Things started out well, but ended up crashing and burning for them. Many helpless women were attacked verbally and physically. One hundred marchers had to be taken to the local hospital. Police told the women "You should have stayed at home where you belong." Women were outraged at the entire thing, and did not let it push them down, they fought harder. Suffragettes don't deserve this abuse and cruelty.

Liberty Bonds, or Victory Bonds were very much needed to pay back lots of war debt.

Classified Advertisements

"For Sale" Tickets to The Opera for Febuary 27th, 1898.
"Wanted" In home sewing machine
"Services" Meat inspector
"Wanted" Female typists
"Services" Victory garden planters
"For Sale" New radio- $125

WWI News

14 Point Plan and the Big Four-

President Wilson has set up a 14 Point Plan to establish "A just and lasting peace". As a major focus point of self-determination, Wilson wants to highlight peoples right of deciding their own political status. The big four, consisting of WIlson, the British Prime Minister, French Premier, and the Italian Prime Minister would not allow Germany's entry to the group.

Reservationists, led by Henry Cabot Lodge, are against The Treaty Of Versailles because they think it will disturb and distract the government.

Roaring 20's- Sports, Arts and Entertainment

Babe Ruth is a very popular baseball player he was a pitcher and an outfielder. Babe played 22 seasons of MLB from 1914-1935. He was among the first five players to be placed in the Sports Hall Of Fame.

Coco Chanel

Chanel has changed fashion for women in many ways. Chanel designs her clothing based on what women want. Chanels goal is to make women beautiful and to have them stand out. Chanel makes things seem more simple, her clothing is beautiful but versatile and made with more pretty decoration. She gets rid of restraints and extra frills. She adds beads, and jewels instead. She designs clothing for many types of women, including flappers. Many people may think of Coco as a feminist, but she doesn't think that is the write word for her. She could be considered both. Chanel is the greatest thing to happen for women in terms of fashion.

The States

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California- "The Golden State"

Most multi-cultural area of all states and countries. 1 in 4 people is foreign born.

An earthquake in 1906, 8.5 magnitude was the largest earthquake known to not only California, but the U.S.A, and was caused by the San Andreas fault.

During the Gilded Age, Asian immigrants were hired to work in California for railway companies.

Iowa- "The Hawkeye State"

Iowa has some of the best soil in North America.

Iowa is the nations highest producer of corn.

Grant Wood, the artist of American Gothic, lived in Anamosa, Iowa.

New York- "The Empire State"

The nickname Uncle Sam was because of a meat packer named Sam WIlson from Troy, NY. The image of Uncle Sam was created during WWI. "I Want You For The US Army."

NYC had skyscraper competitions in 1920, the Empire State building won with 102 stories high.

Kentucky- "The Blue Grass State"

The Kentucky Bend was produced by earthquakes in 1811-1812.

Largest sources in Kentucky are: Corn, tobacco, coal and marijauna.

Kentucky is the 3rd biggest producer of marijuana in the nation right behind California and Tennessee.