Chloe Harrel

The Championship

“Down and ready serve receive!” Coach yelled. It was the championship game my whole family was there. Was I to nervous to win the championship? Was I gonna let my whole team and family down? Thoughts whirred in my head. The score was 21 to 22 we had to get one more point to win. It was the “Sparkle Spikers” (us) against the “Pink Aces” It was the “Pink Aces” turn to serve. She got it over the net. “HELP!!!!” Coach yelled. I slid and hit the ball. It went over . It seemed like hours but they didn't hit it back over. Did I really just win the championship? I think we were all kind of in shock. Once it went through our heads that we just won the championship. We all started screaming of joy, excitement, shock. Picture time. Some of the younger kids got on the older kids backs and out of nowhere we all started screaming at the top of our lungs “THIS TEAM IS ON FIRE!!!! (like the song “This Girl Is on Fire” By: Alicia Keys)