Dream To Be Organized

Clever Container has a solution!

End of the Year Savings Spectacular!

30% discount on all orders placed by 9:00 pm Central Time, December 31,2013.

Shop my online catalog, make your list and then message me with your order!


Place an online order and I will send you a refund for the 30% off your retail purchase after your order is placed. This is a great time to stock up on those things you need to get organized!

http://mycleverbiz.com/cleverjulie Select "End of Year" as the party to add to at checkout or message me with your order.

January Special Offers

January-National Get Organized Month

Changing one of my favorite John Maxwell quotes today to-
GOALS Don't Work Unless I Do!
I need 8 people to help me reach a January Clever Container goal.
Here is what your rewards will look like when you partner with me!
$400 Party-$60... free, 2 half price, and Mini Wonderfull Bag
$500 Party-$130 free, 2 half price, Mini Wonderfull Bag, 1 half price item for each month of 2014, AND 1 item in the catalog for the amount of the date of the party!
$600 Party with 1 booking-$150 free, 2 half price, Mini Wonderfull Bag, 1 half price item each month of 2014, Double Duty, 1 item for the amount of the date AND a Wonderfull Bag
It really can't get much better than this, if you are thinking of hosting!
The pay the date and half price for the year are an incentive for in home parties only! Call me at 816-506-0027.

Where you can find me?

I value your business! Please let me know how I can help save you time and money.

Opportunity Call Link

Want to know more about the Clever Container Opportunity? Join our weekly call or listen to the recorded link below. Let me know what other questions you have. I am a full time leader with the company and I work one on one with my team members and I will work with you, to make this what you want it to be! Blessings, Julie