Pepsi Through the Years

Marissa Watson, Charli Short, Nathan Browning, Hunter Crass

The Michael Jackson Pepsi Generation

The Michael Jackson Pepsi Generation ad was created around the 1980's and endorsed by the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson who had just made a debut of his hit song Thriller.
The 80's was a time of music and fun. Kids roamed the streets with friends to find fun activities, and usually stopped and spent a few cents at a candy or soda shop along the way. Of course the Michael Jackson Generation would only drink Pepsi according to this commercial.

This video uses three types of Advertising Appeals:

  • Search for Adventure
This video expresses this advertising appeal by showing that if you drink Pepsi, something adventurous will happen in your life, such as meeting Michael Jackson
  • Endorsement/Prestige Identification
This advertising appeal is obvious in this commercial. Pepsi is being endorsed by Michael Jackson, the King of Pop
  • Popularity
This commercial is practically showing that even the most popular celebrities are drinking Pepsi, and you should too.
Michael Jackson Pepsi Generation

Now Is What You Make It

  • This ad was created in 2014.

  • Audience: younger people who like to make music and cool beats.

  • Appeals: Plain folks appeal and bandwagon appeal.

    • Plain folks: ordinary teenagers making a beat with the opening sound of a Pepsi can.

    • Bandwagon: it makes most of the teenagers in the little town think that everyone can make a cool beat by opening a Pepsi can so they all join.

  • Celebrity Endorsement: Lionel Messi
Now Is What You Make It | #FutbolNow | Pepsi

Coke Vs. Pepsi

The Coke Vs. Pepsi Commercial featuring Snoop Dog was released in October 2010 and the Pepsi ad agency are trying to reach out to the younger generation. They are showing that the 21st century people know and like Snoop Dog and Jackie Chan so if they both like Pepsi than all the younger people will like it too. The Pepsi ad agency uses Snoop Dog because they are trying to reach out to 21st century people that like rap because that is one of the main genres of music.

This ad is uses four advertising appeals:

  • Desire for Possession

This ad shows that people want to buy Pepsi Max over Coke. It shows that Pepsi is better than coke by the comparison of creativeness between the Pepsi and Coke stacker. For example the stage for Snoop Dog over the Castle that Coke build.

  • Humor

It shows humor by showing the facial expressions of the two men while both of them are trying to build something better than the other person.

  • Endorsement/Prestige identification

The ad shows that Pepsi Max is better than Coke zero because they have Snoop Dog on their side.

  • Play on Words

At the end of the ad they use the play on words appeal by saying "Zero Calories Maximum Pepsi Taste". Saying that this soda has zero calories but still taste like a Pepsi.

Best Coke vs Pepsi commercial with Snoop Dog & Jackie Chan

Only Young People Drink Pepsi

This ad was made in the early 1960's,the ad was made to persuade younger the younger generation that Pepsi was made just for them. it shows how teens enjoy Pepsi and when the drink company asks that:" you hear something new at the fountain today people who think young say Pepsi please ."which it is used as a play on words. it also uses happiness it shows that everyone who drinks Pepsi is happy. there is also humor: which means it contains a catchy slogan, jingle or cartoon that grabs your attention.
Pepsi Commercial 1960's