English II: The Week in Review

It's Good to Know...More!

Take a Moment to Review your Status in English II.

As we approach the middle of December, I want you to take a moment and reflect on what it is you want to accomplish. Do you have the grade that you want? Are you giving this course your best effort? Is your goal to complete the course before the Holiday break (December 19th)? Maybe you want to finish next week? Perhaps you've just gotten started and you want to pick up your pace. Whatever your goal may be, let's work together to make it happen. If you need help coming up with a weekly plan to finish on a scheduled date, please let me know right away.

Here are a Few Tips to Help you Move in the Right Direction for the Week Ahead:

1. This week and the week ahead, finish the module you are working on and call me for your DBA (you can also use the link to schedule an appointment for a date and time next week (12/8-12/11) that works well for you.

2. Attend a Live Lesson and take care of your Collaboration (Product and Reflection). Take a look at the calendar on the course Announcement page for a schedule of the different sessions we off this month. You must plan ahead.

3. Make is a priority to submit at least two new assignments every single week. It is the only way to progress forward and successfully complete the class.

4. Understand that there are no short cuts. The decisions you make now will determine the kind of life that you create for yourself in your future. Giving yourself enough time to read your lessons, take notes, and properly submit your assignments is the most effective way to help you become a better student who is accountable for the work you choose to represent you.

5. Most importantly, do not put off for tomorrow what you can get done today. Life will continue to be busy, overwhelming, and at times quite exhausting. There will always be something going on--in school, in your life, in your family, with your friends. Waiting for "free time" is not the answer, and being too busy is not an excuse. Your English II course is a priority. You need this class to graduate high school.

6. Keep the lines of communication open. When I call you, call me or text me back. When you are feeling like a lost little puppy unsure of what to do next, reach out to me so I can remind you how truly fantastic you are. If this class matters to you, you will find a way to be better than you were before. You will find a way to show these assignments that you are in complete control of the thoughts and Ideas that you put back into this world.

I challenge every one of you to make me sit in front of my compluter for a crazy number of hours reading and grading your submissions. You know I read every single submission, so now is your moment to be the best you can be. Dare I say, "Bring it on?" Too cliche?

" Submission Slam" is officially on!

Can you RISE to the challenge?

Next Sunday, I will report how many submissions I had to grade during the week. I will also give special recognition to those who submitted the most quality assignments within that weekly period. Ready...Set...Challenge! I can't wait to see you own this challenge because your participation makes a difference. I can't do it without wonderful you.

Go You!

Golly...gosh! I can't wait to see who wins! Will it be...you?