Medical Oncologist

2014 Career Project

Medical Oncologist Job:

A Medical Oncologist spezializes in treating cancer with chemotherapy (the use of drugs to kill cancer cells, usually by stoping the cancer cells ability to grow and devide) or other medications such as targeted therapy and oral chemotherapy. Medical oncologists coordinate a course of treatment for cancer patients with the rest of their oncology team, which can include nurses, physician assistants, social workers, rehabilitation therapists, dietitians, radiologists, surgeons and pathologists.

Required Education:

An undergraduate degree, an M.D. Degree, an international medicine recedency and oncology fellowship. Licensure: Medical License

Growth and Salary

Projected Job Growth(2012-2022): 18 percent growth for physicians and surgeons

Mean annual salary(2014): $217,856.

Average wage of the top ten percent was $408,232 and the bottom ten percent was $170,996.

By: Michelle Rojas B1