SPOTTED! At An Event Near You

What is an Origami Owl Living Locket®?

You Rang???? Ok maybe you wrote it down BUT you asked me to contact you!

If you are reading this it is because you are an A-MAZ-ING person with flair and an eye for the hottest new product that is not just trending but holds definition. I had the pleasure of meeting you at my Origami Owl booth at a recent event and this is my ring back to see how I can assist you. Origami Owl Custom Jewelry is more than just another piece to collect in a box. This locket is the type of timeless piece that COMES with the take out box, the fortune cookie and a catalog of pretties to add on to your collection as you go through the milestones in life.

When I met you you either expressed interest in Hosting a Jewelry Bar®, Inquiring for Information on Fundraisers, or Earning some extra money OR even making it your full time job to come alongside me and help other people create beautiful pieces that reflect their life story. Here is what I have to offer and if you need more information or ready to sign up for any of the above, then hit the reply button to come my way or call/text me today 817.627.7162.

******The Hostess Rewards Flyer below includes the April- June Exclusive only available to our wonderful Hostess with the Mostess***********************

Let's Talk Fundraisers

If you belong to any sort of organization, group, not for profit charity we need to raise some dough for a worthy cause I am your Locket Lady! We treat it like a party and once we close I donate a portion anywhere from 10-50%, yes 50%!

There is also an option to select "packages" that we can create tailored to the specific fundraiser and go from there. Whatever you are needing, we can create.

Now, Down to the Business...No pun intended

My most favorite topic, let me just tell you, yes I had a BIG Cheesy Smile when I saw that you marked, Learn more about Joining My Team!

Origami Owl has totally changed my life and my story is not your average one, but nonetheless it's mine and I am grateful for it everyday. If I can help your story by offering you the opportunity to earn some extra money to help yourself get a few pretties or your family get a vacation spot then YES I am that person who always wants to help others. When I started Origami Owl myself, I was a pin-head (see Pinterest in dictionary and my pic will be there!) I was/am so addicted to the crafts and recipes and I wanted a little extra so my hubby wouldn't get mad when I had unfinished projects. If I knew then how my life would be now, I would have laughed and rolled off the third floor. Here I am talking to you about the most amazing company, with the most amazing support and Bella, the one who began it all. Our product launch for fall is simply amazing and astounding! This is more than a company, it has brought me new friends, a new family and sense of belonging to something that is fostering such a great cause, to BE A FORCE FOR GOOD, something I already live by. If you want more info I would love to sit down with you in person and discuss you earning some extra and still being in a brand new company that has taken direct sales and the nation by storm!

Origami Owl is closing in on it's third year of business and second year in direct sales and we are simply advancing so quickly and turning out new products that it has quickly become a household name. Many have HEARD of Origami Owl but when you are able to present it to them to SEE it, the reaction is certainly a memorable one!


All you have to do to sign up is click this link and type in your information and my mentor ID is 1541. Our A-MAZ-INGLY redesigned Business Starter Kit is prepackaged and ready to send out as soon as you join. Within those days, I will provide you the information and support group of sister owls to help you grow your business so you are able get your kit and hit the ground running!!

We are in the fall season and there is NO TIME like the present to begin earning some extra cash or providing a way to give back to your community or organization then NOW!

If you have any questions prior to joining don't hesitate to contact me via phone/text/email.

Vanessa Ramirez #1541, Executive Team Leader, Team Sparkle and Shine

Thank you for taking the time to read my newsletter and I hope that I can find a way to help you and your family or cause. Whether it be collecting rewards to help create meaningful gifts for loved ones, writing a check to a charity to help those in need, or allowing YOU to have extra cash and a job you will love, I will strive to help you achieve your goals with Origami Owl.