Global Citizen

By Jhoel Morales

What is a global citizen?

Global citizen is someone who makes a difference or a change to the people around them by interacting with them and there actions contribute to the real world's action.

My role as a global citizen

My role as a global citizen is to explore new places and get to see how different the learning process is at different places. To see how much faster you can learn and how much slower the learning process is by the different ways they teach.

Learning aorund the world today and the diffrence it has on us

The education that one get's can be corrupted or mistold by making us think on what they want us to think at a young age

The importance of being ernest

Jack didn't really know he was or who was his real family because his real family kept it as a secret from him. Until he got his handbag, the owner of that handbag told him all of the secrets that he was looking for, even if he hated it.

College essays

Everyone has a different college essay because they can think of ideas that they have done in their lives and the way they learned it, played a big role when it's time to write a college essay.
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compariasion in 1984

1984 show's a great example on how the people are being brainwashed and that they don't know what to learn, but to learn what big brother wants them to learn. This is like a corrupted learning system because big brother is using his power to prevent the people form learning the truth on what's going on.
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