By:Margret Haddix


The people in the book were sent back in time with a device from the future and were in the 15th century.They had to fix time. They used the future device to become invisible while the two people who were from both times combined with these things called tracers. the things they called window throwers threw the tracers out the window while the real people were just saved.They separated when they thought they accomplished saving time and were wrong because the tracers weren't actually going to die.The way they found out was because the machine wouldn't let them go back to the 21st century.


They figured out that the tracers of the people who were from both times (They were supposed to be prince and king of England) were hiding and there was a corentation to be held by the tracers uncle.They, had to go through a lot to calm down the people who were from both times cause the people who were from both times were trying to stop there tracers uncle from becoming king. and they got into the tracers moms house (who used to be queen) and found out that the tracers were their and had to connect with the tracers to not mess up time.And then, the friend of the two people were pulled out of that time and made a plan for two years after the time they were in that would let them saved time.


They first went to the wrong place and had to talk the king who wasn't the people from both times.They took a while but they got away.They started by finding the two time people.Then, they took them temporally out of their tracers and told them the plan and then they rejoined their tracers and acted.At the end of the plan they went back to the 21st century.




Dead Prez - Time Travel (Ft. Tr!x)
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