Weekly Staff Bulletin

~February 18-21~Week 23~


"We must be willing to accept messy days and remind ourselves that struggle and frustration are inherent parts of the process of creation." Joshua Black, teacher

Dear Colleagues,

Last week was a particularly difficult week for many of us, but I continue to be inspired and motivated by you and your contributions to SEED's students. I firmly believe that this school's community, we surround ourselves with is by far more gratifying to me.

I have a true appreciation for the trust and respect that we all show each other, the fact that we can disagree and still maintain our admiration and support for our colleagues work. Thank you for allowing me to build trusting relationships with all of you and for always coming to the rescue for a fellow colleague.


Mr. Marcel and Coach K for working diligently with our students during recess.

Ms. Tapia and Ms. Ana for the recess schedule.

Ms. Perrone and Ms. Parchia for their leadership through Wednesday's PD.

Ms. Ana, Ms. Parchia, Ms. Perrone, and Ms. Cato for taking on extra students on Thursday when subs did not show up.

Ms. Tunney for covering Mr. Pastrana's class on Thursday.

Mr. Ellison for helping our with the SRI testing, the assembly and for helping out in the office.

Ms. Sami and her crew for keeping our school clean and presentable.

Simone, Todd, Sam, & Cristina for all their help in the office.

Mr. Zucker and Ms. Bien for organizing a wonderful experience of Camp Arroyo to for our 4th & 5th grade class.

Ms. Superfine for working so diligently in getting the math manipulatives for each grade level.

Tests & Assessments


3rd through 5th

Science Writing Task #2

Opens: January 27th & closes February 21st

Scan by: February 28th

Teacher Scoring Date: 2/19 2:00-4:00 PM


Feb. 3-21st

Scan by Feb. 28th

Physical Fitness Test - 5th Grade

Opens on February 3rd, closes March 31st

Check in on March 27th

Mid-Year DRA Assessment

In progress

Mid Year Data Chats - Week of March 10th.

Report Card Window

Dear Colleagues,

As per the FC agreements we would allow an adequate time to enter grades and give me the opportunity to review the report cards by grade level prior to releasing them to the families.

Report Card Window

February 24th-March 2nd: Teachers enter grades
March 3-7: Beatrice reviews report cards & communicates with teachers any necessary corrections. Report cards are printed & placed in teacher box

March 5: Report Card Planning, SLCs, & SSTs

March 10-14: Priority SLCs & SSTs
March 12: No Wednesday PD

March 14: Report Cards go home

Please take some time before the end of February to complete the CHKS.

California Healthy Kids Survey - We need all staff to participate.

Manzanita SEED CHKS Staff Survey Link; Click on link and begin survey.

~What's going on this week?~

Tuesday, February 18th

Beatrice @ Principals' Meeting

8:00 AM - 2:50 PM

Admin Designees: Mark & Paul

ILT Meeting

Location: Beatrice's Office

Time: 3:00-5:00 PM


I. Continue discussion on program priorities

II. Update on 14-15 Staffing

Wednesday, February 19th

No PD: Use time for SWT Scoring, entering data, and taking the CHKS survey.

Thursday, February 20th

9:00-12:30 PM

Parent Coordinator Interviews - Tentative

4:00-6:00 PM
Lead Science, Math, & ELA Teachers' Meeting

Friday, February 21st

3:30-4:30 PM
Anchors Art Program Meeting

Location: Beatrice's Office

Attendees: Ms. Goodie, Ms. Alisa, & Beatrice

~Safe & Welcoming Environment~


PE Schedule for this week: WEEK 3


9:05-9:35 AM - Ms. Elana

1:55-2:25 PM - Ms. Hudson


9:05-9:35 AM - Ms. Saleski
1:55-2:25 PM - Mr. Mayock


9:05-9:35 - Ms. Mazy

1:55-2:25 PM - Ms. Superfine


Recess Student Pick-Up

Please pick up/drop-off your students on time for recess.

Teacher Yard Supervision - Pending more information

Dear Colleagues,

We are still in need of grades TK, Kinder, 4th & 5th to sign up for morning recess duty. Please submit this information to Ms. Tapia & Ms. Ana. We cannot begin this schedule until ALL teaching staff has signed up.

Friday's Community Assembly

Week 23

TK/K: Mr. Pastrana & Ms. Mazy

1st: Ms. Superfine & Ms. Hudson

2nd: Ms. Ortiz

3rd: Ms. Perrone

4th: Mr. Mayock

5th: Mr. Zucker

February 18th - New Prep Schedule in Effect

New prep schedule starts Monday, Feb. 18th. No more changes will be made to the prep schedule.

Fire Drill - Friday, February 28th

We will hold a fire drill on Friday, 2/28 at 2 PM; an updated classroom roster will be placed in your box prior to the day of the drill. Please take time to review the expectations with your students.

Happy Hour - Friday, Feb. 21st

Dear colleagues,

It's time for the third Friday of the month Happy Hour. This time will be at Room 389 at Grand Ave. We will meet this Friday around 4.30 until whenever. Hope to see you there.

Here is the address:

  • 389 Grand Ave
    Oakland, CA 94610
    b/t Staten Ave & Ellita Ave

The Social Comittee