Plants 🙀 oh no he didn't


Parts of plants and what they do

Roots are the thing that holds up the plant from falling it also feeds the plant.The stem makes the plant.Seed leafs thay are the round leafs on a plant.The seed leafs are the first leafs you will see on a plant.When seed leafs grow true leafs on them you will have to put them in bigger pots.True leafs you will most likely see them on pine trees or if you have a older plant.the pistil is loacaded typically consists of a swollen base the ovary witch contanes the potential seeds.

Sintific name for bell peppers

The bell peppers have no sintific name

My plant 👆

Stages of a plant

Birth means when your plant sprouts.

Growth and development means your plant got bigger or blossoming .

Reproduction means that when the plant is close to death it will copy it self for some plants.

Death means the plant dies.

What is photosynthesis

Photosynthesis converts massive amount of sunlite into electrical and then chemical energy.This input is carven dioxide water minerals and light and the output is carbohydrates.Photosynthesis is the single most important chemical process on Earth.

The life cycle of a plant

The seed germinates

The plant grows

The plant blooms

The plant produces fruit

The plant dies

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Here is a diagram of a plant because I coldent find a picture of a pistil.