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June 2021

Principal's Pen

This time of year is a time of extremes and change. As farmers are all too aware the weather is a perfect example of this. On Monday I went out on the lake and the kids were tubing behind me, by Thursday morning I froze on the short walk I had to the school. That’s the reality of where we live and while we have seen it before, it does not mean that we can ever truly get used to it.

In the school we are seeing the same types of extremes and changes. As summer continues to get closer, focus is divided between where we are and where we will soon be. This is true of the students, staff, parents, and community. We are extremely fortunate to receive the support we do as a school from everyone, even in these trying times, and it is important that we help everyone manage the changes and time they have to the best of our ability.

Summer jobs have already started for many students and the draw of earning money and just having some independence is strong, but balance is needed so it is not at the expense of their school work. For high school students this is where they begin building opportunities. Time spent and grades received help to provide a wider range of choices in the future. I always say it does not matter if you want to dig ditches with a shovel or fly a space ship to the moon; it only matters that it is what you choose to do, not what you are left with.

Statistics show how much students lose throughout the summer of the skills they learned in school and honestly that is okay. Everyone gets some time to re-charge and so long as it is only the two months we can easily recover and move on. It is when students shut down early and miss 3 or 4 months of school that it is much more difficult to catch back up. This can be through attendance, or just checking out so while marks are not such a huge deal before high school, the habits and foundation set for their future learning are what they are developing before high school. It is not something you can just turn on once in matters if it was not enforced before then.

It’s been a crazy year for all of us, thank you for helping us make it as meaningful for our students as possible and for encouraging them to always do their best job for no other reason than it is their job to do.

Greg Knot

Thank you to...

  • Our Grad award sponsors for continuing to support our graduates successes each year

  • Everyone involved in and supporting playground fundraising

Kindergarten 2021

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Art Contest...

Medstead Central School was excited to bring its students the opportunity to showcase their creative talents through a digital photography contest!

There were 3 divisions for entry:

  • Primary (Grades K-6)
  • Junior (Grades 7-9)
  • Senior (Grades 9-12)

Students were invited to submit ONE entry in ONE of the categories. The categories were as follows.

  1. Black and White
  2. Colour
  3. Digitally Enhanced or Altered Using Computer Software

Each student was permitted ONE entry in ONE category of their choosing.

Each submission must have included a title and a short description of the photograph (up to 50 words).

All entries were due by May 21st, 2021 at 4pm.

Winners in each category were announced on May 28th.

Prizes are as follows:

3rd prize: $10

2nd prize: $15

1st prize: $25

Participation was voluntary.

Thank you for your submissions!

Thank you Mrs. Mann for organizing this!

Library News

We are missing one of the textbooks that we borrowed from Luseland School.

It may have gone home with a student during the 2020 school closure. Would you please look around to see if it has possibly made its way to your home? (please see book cover below)

Thank you

Ms. B. Deuel

All-points bulletin:

Please return all school library books before this school year ends June 2021.

Thank you.

Important Dates in June:

  • June 28 - Last day of school, Medstead GRADUATION 2021
  • June 29 & 30 - Non-student Days
  • June 30 - Final Report Cards will be mailed out

June Birthdays


Cort ~ Shea ~ Abi ~ Cyrus ~ Dawson ~ Kaylee ~ Alex ~ Cash ~ Brealyn

Jared ~ Nathaniel ~ Ryker ~ John P.

Final Exam Schedule for Grades 7-12

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June 2021 School Calendar

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Looking Ahead - School Calendar 2021-2022

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